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Locating the Right Salt Lake City Neighborhood

Tips on locating the right Neighborhood which will meet your requirements.

Locating the Right Salt Lake City Neighborhood

How do you choose the right Salt Lake City neighborhood to meet you and your families needs. Like most things this all comes down to planning and producing a list of requirements with which to match against potential neighborhoods. Requirements you may want to consider are:

  • Activities. What activities do you like to do and how far away are they. This can include things like churches, golfing, skiing, movie theaters, health / fitness club etc. The activities you do more often should ideally be located closer than those you only do once a month or week.
  • Schools. Which school do you want to send your children to, is it in the catchment area and how far away is it. If you want to send you children to a private school then how far away is it. Our Salt Lake Schools page contains links to the Utah School districts and school performance data.
  • Crime. What are the local crime statistics, what type of crimes are being committed and are the figures going up or down. These figures can be obtained from the local police authorities. If you want to see crime figures at the city level then data is available at Bureau of Justice Statistics website.
  • Stability. Is the local housing market and economy stable. Our website provides historic information on home prices for the different zip codes. These historic prices can tell you what the current trend is and if you are likely to make or lose money on your real estate purchase.
  • Check out the local area. The last thing and one of the most important things you can do is to examine the area yourself. Are the local roads busy, are there lots of parked cars on the roadside, are the gardens tidy. All these things can be used to determine what the local area is like.