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Home Inspections

What to expect from a home inspection, and why you should always have one.

Home Inspections and Your Salt Lake City Home

Your Salt Lake City real estate purchase will probably be the most important and biggest financial investment you will make in your life. Given that, it is important that you take the necessary precautions before committing to the purchase. After all would you purchase stocks before performing some investigation work or at least having someone do the investigation for you?

An home inspection performed by a qualified inspector will ensure that the home you are purchasing is free from major defects and that there are no expensive surprises awaiting you in the near future. Image moving in only to find out that you need a new roof or that there are problems with the foundation.

An home inspector will examine your proposed purchase and produce a report that contains a list of minor and major defects, including any items which do not meet current building code requirements. It is worth noting that the inspector may provide recommendations for further investigations to be performed by an area specialist. For example, he may be concerned about the condition of the roof and ask for a roof inspection to be performed.

The resulting inspection report findings can form a basis on which to make your purchase decision, you may want to ask the seller to fix certain problems or you may find something that is so serious you want to pull out of the contract.

If problems are found that you require to be fixed this can be done by either:

  • negotiating a price reduction
  • receive a cash amount at time of completion in lue of the required repairs
  • ask for the repairs to be completed by the seller before completion can be preformed

Regardless of which option you select these criteria will be written into to the contract to ensure that you are protected.