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Buying Salt Lake City Homes

Information on buying a Salt Lake Home. Includes tips, new construction homes, home prices by zip code, schools, and ability to have home listings delivered to your email.

Buying a Salt Lake City Home

When you buy a home the chances are it will be one of the most, if not the most significant financial investment you make in your life. Given that it is importent that you choose the Salt Lake Realtor who will provide the level of service your deserve. We are totally committed to buyers to assist them to locate, negotiate and acquire the best home in our marketplace that matches their financial means, needs and desires.

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Home Buying Tips

If you are looking to buy a home then here is some useful information that will assist you with your real estate purchase.

VA Home Loans If you are a veteran of the Navy, Air Force, Army or Coast Guard then you maybe eligible to receive a VA Home Loan.

Why Use a Realtor Why should you use a Realtor when buying your home.

Short Sales What are short sales and what should you expect when buying one.

Home Inspections Do you really need an home inspection or can you give it a miss and save a few dollars?

Things to Avoid Don't do the things mentioned on this page if you are trying to qualify for a home loan / mortgage.

Improving Your Finances How to make sure your finances are in good order so you get the best rate.

Improving Your Credit 8 ways to improve your credit.

Things that Impact Your Credit Score What factors dertermine your credit score.

Locating the Right Neighborhood How do you select the right neighborhood.

Buying a Home in a Sellers Market Things to do when buying a home in a sellers market.

Buying Salt Lake City Condos The pros and cons of buying a condo

Hazards Found in the Home Buyers should be aware of the lead, asbestos, and radon hazards that can be found in the home.

Using the MLS Searching for homes using the Salt Lake City MLS.

Lease to Buy Options Having problems obtaining a loan? Maybe you should consider a lease to buy option.

FHA Home Loans Government backed loans with added benefits.

Home Affordability Factors 6 factors that go into determining how much home you can afford.

1031 Exchanges If you have an investment property to sell, you can defer the tax on the gain by performing a 1031 Exchange.