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Salt Lake City Neighborhoods

Information on some of the more popular Salt Lake City Neighborhoods including The Avenues, Capital Hill, Harvard Yale and Sugarhouse.

SLC Neighborhoods

Because Salt Lake City is the oldest city, it includes the oldest neighborhoods. Here are some of the most popular and sort after.

The Avenues located in the foothills just to the north of the city center is one of these. It's streets are numbered different to everywhere else, with the streets from south to north named 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc, and east to west A, B, C etc. It contains a real mixture of homes from the very old to the 60's and 70's apartment buildings that did their best to spoil the neighborhood before they were restricted. The fruit tree lined avenues is one of the most desirable and thus most expensive areas, with prices increasing the further you go up into the foothills. One of its attractions is city creek which is located adjacent to A avenue.

Capital Hill is located to the north of the city center and to the west of the avenues. As it name may suggest this is where the capital building is located. Again this offers a real diverse selection of architectural homes located on fruit tree lined streets. In fact the oldest part of Capital Hill is called the marmalade district named after the fruit trees that line the roads.

Harvard Yale, is located on the east bench to the east of the Avenues and close to the University of Utah. While not as old as Capital Hill and the Avenues it is still a very trendy and thus expensive area.

Sugarhouse - This area located in the south of Salt Lake City has recently seen a high increase in demand and price. This is due to the local park, plentiful shopping, and trendy local coffee houses / restaurants. Because of the high demand for Sugarhouse property, the nearby 9th and 9th area (900 south and 900 east) has also show a sharp increase in demand and price.